Making the world a better place.

About Us

Eco-verd is a Kenyan privately owned distribution company. It was born from a deep desire to develop green societies and sustainable livelihoods through ensuring we properly manage the environment it being an integral part of our existence and an inheritance to the future generations.

Here, at the Eco-verd, we have faith that by working with our customers we can try and address these concerns. We supply all types of packaging in biodegradable, compostable material.

Our biodegradable bags are of beautiful quality, strong yet degradable, the perfect replacement to polythene bags. Dispose of your bag, after use, in the normal way and it will degrade in months, rather than years. It’s easy. Switch to organic biodegradable packaging. A small, but significant, simple step.



“We endeavor to support sustainability as a key strategy for business development and profit.”


To promote environmental conservation by encouraging sustainable production and consumption trends”

Our business is to offer quality packaging bags made of pure starch, which is 100% biodegradable to all persons and businesses.


We are committed to a culture of exemplary performance and reliability

We deliver on our promise and trade with integrity

We are partners with a unity of purpose – promote business and sustainability

Our Products

100% Organic

Our bags are made from natural starch & vegetable oil derivatives which makes it a true organic product

100% Biodegradeable

Our bags softens in water & dissolves in hot water. It also passes biodegradable test (internal). 

100% Ecofriendly

It contains no conventional plastic and non-toxic to the environment, animals and    plants.           

“ Our customers are the heart of our business. We aim to help them not onlymeet, but exceed the packaging requirements for their business. It is for this reason that our solutions go beyond regulatory compliance obligations to ensure that our products have zero toxic substances that may harm the environment and its inhabitants.” Managing Director Eco-Verd.